Wednesday, November 29, 2006

More On Shoes

My new shoes are presently residing on the kitchen table. Supposedly this is bad karma or something. Guess that means I need a shoe rack. That is a really good idea when you consider how many shoes I own. Used to be I had one pair of dress shoes and one pair of runners. What happened?

Rummaging around, I found an out of use CD rack. Not quite big enough to hold two pairs side by side, but it will do for now. A few pairs are already on, but the rest still reside on the table for some reason. Maybe I want to dance in them first before hanging them up. I've been trying to figure out which order to wear my shoes. Do I save the best for last? And how do I determine which one is best. The first pair worn were one of the lowest priced shoes I purchased, but also one of the nicest. Okay, they are all nice!

Maybe when all have been seen, you can let me know which you like the best!