Saturday, November 04, 2006

The real day one

After a ten and a half hour flight from Dallas, I've arrived in Buenos Aires. No one at the airport spoke English, but they all seemed to know how to communicate. Wasn't difficult getting through customs or finding a taxi. Met a few of the guests already, most of whom have headed off to lessons or shoe shopping.

After an afternoon siesta, a group of us headed out to Nino Bien for dancing. Taxi's abound in the streets, but you have to be careful to only take a taxi that says "radio taxi" on the doors. The other ones will take your money, and give you back counterfeit pesos. One of the couples staying at Lina's found this out the hard way.

Although we went together, the men and women must sit apart once they arrive. If you sit with a fellow, married or not, none of the fellows will ask you to dance. They make the assumption you are taken and it is an unbreakable rule.

Nino Bien is large. Men indicate they want to dance by looking at you, but the glance is very subtle and it might not be you they are looking at. I noticed that the Argentine's have it done to an art form. A look, a nod, and they walk to the dance floor and meet. The woman can initiate it by looking intensely at a fellow (and hope he gets the hint). First time out, I got it wrong and walked up to the dance floor to discover it wasn't me! Second time out it was very obvious. That makes it so much easier. It seems that perfecting the look probably has as much to do with the frequency of your dances as ability. The two dances I had were wonderful.

After Nino Bien, went to eat downstairs in a little bistro. Wonderful chicken meal for about 11 pesos. That works out to about $3. I can see that eating will be an experience when I understand so little Spanish. I know enough to order beef or chicken and pasta is pasta in any language it seems.

Came back exhausted. We had the option of going to to another milonga, but chose instead to open a bottle of wine, and discuss dance. What a way to end an evening.