Saturday, November 25, 2006


Well, here I sit in a hotel in Seattle. Holidays are over, even though I don't actually get home until tomorrow. The temperature came as a shock! 2 degrees compared to a humid 40.

I missed my connecting flight in Dallas. There was no way to have caught it. The flight from Buenos Aires was delayed because the flight ahead of us couldn't leave the gate for some reason. They boarded our plane very quickly, but we were still late. Flying into Dallas, the pilot said we were on time, but the flight to Seattle had left 45 minutes before our flight even arrived, so there was no way with customs and a second baggage check to even think of getting on the flight. They had automatically reassigned a seat for me on the next flight though.

Customs in Argentina did a thorough baggage check of every one's carry on luggage before boarding the plane. I was sure they would root through mine, and it was packed so tightly with shoes and things that it would have been a pain, but the young girl who opened my bag took one look at the shoes, asked for my small bag of liquids, grinned and zipped up the bag herself. Maybe she has a shoe fetish too.

Miss Buenos Aires already, but feel like I'll always have a piece of it inside my, like the warm heart of a chocolate truffle.

PS, shoes are very heavy! If you bring that many shoes back, make sure your bag has wheels!