Wednesday, January 03, 2007

New Year’s Weekend

In three nights of dancing, our entire community wasn't together once. I realize that people come and go, and not everyone could be together all the time. To an outsider the rifts aren't so apparent as there are so few who only support the faction that split. And also(because of those from out of town) most of of were willing to dance at Henderson Hall. As a result, most who came on Saturday night were also in attendance either Friday or Sunday night. The few who refuse to support the cafe seemed more like outsiders than those who came from out of town. If this was a move for power and control, they seem to have lost all of it.

I did hear some disturbing comments from more than one friend of mine that now feels isolated from the community at the cafe since the split. Why are we isolating people? Tango is about connection, community and above all friendship. We will lose those on the fringe if we don't extend our hand in friendship. And it would be a great loss to our community.