Thursday, January 25, 2007


I signed up today for a quilt class today. It started innocently enough. After work yesterday, I wandered down to Satin Moon to buy batting to finish a quilt I’m working on.

“Do you want a recipe?” the woman asked. I was hoping for some cool quilt pattern, so I agreed. (Turned out to be for Basil Cake.)

“How about a class list?” Hum, quilt classes. I’ve only taken one quilt class in 20+ years of quilting. Could offer something interesting. With over 500 members in the quilt guild, the level of quilting in Victoria is phenomenal. We got talking about their upcoming workshops and some sounded quite interesting, so I took a list to look over once I got home. The class on dying (the most interesting to me) is on Monday morning. Damn, I think my boss would notice if I was sick every Monday for the next 5 weeks, so that one was out. Unfortunately, most of their classes are during the day as well.

Tuesday evenings is a workshop on Journal Quilts taught by Susan Purney-Mark. Nope, tango. Hey, wait a minute I go and sit Tuesday nights anyway. That will work. Cool. Maybe I’ll even know someone. I also discovered they have a drop in Stitch and Sewcial on Friday nights, so might check that out as well.

All that, and in the end I don’t have enough fabric for the backing. And I’m almost out of white cotton thread. Oh, too bad, I’ll have to make another trip to the fabric store. Good thing it’s one of my favourite places!