Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Grand Baby

One benefit to dancing fewer nights will be more frequent visits with my granddaughter. When asked how she is, sometimes it is hard to answer. Between my schedule and my daughters, visits often prove to be infrequent.

Watching a grandchild grow is more tenuous in many ways. An automatic bond exists between a mother and her child that needs to be formed as a grandparent. Each time I see her, is like the first time. What an absolute delight this little girl is. Her personality is just her own, and so evident when you don’t see her every day. It is so different being a grandparent. I can observe so much more, little expressions of wonder on her face, the constant exploration of her surroundings. The need to know and learn.

I remember the delight of motherhood, holding a fragile new infant, watching in wonder when they nursed, slept in your arms, learned to walk and talk. But I also remember the fatigue. With four children, it sometimes felt like exhaustion was a constant background hum in my life. Now, there is no exhaustion, only wonder and pure delight.