Saturday, January 20, 2007


According to the latest Tango Vita newsletter, one of the purposes of their organization is "to promote interest in Argentinean Tango dancing and its culture."

So how come over half of their members don't appear to exist as far as their newsletter is concerned? Four nights a week, Argentinean Tango is promoted at Cafe Casablanca through teaching, dancing, and more. How come we don't exist? Not one mention in the newsletter of an upcoming workshop in September with Tony and Ilana from Seattle--wonderful teachers of Argentinean Tango. Not one mention of practica's held on Tuesday evening and Sunday afternoon, both of which will promote Argentinean Tango.

If you are going to claim to promote an interest in tango, you must mention everything that is happening within your dance community or else say that you exist to promote Tango Vita alone.